What Makes Us ELITE?


Elite Engineering Services was created to offer industry-leading Mechanical Engineering and Design/Build services.  Our multi-disciplinary team of engineering professionals provides design and development services for commercial and industrial products.  We also specialize in the design and development of tools and processes to support the creation of these products.  Our core skill sets in Mechanical Engineering and Design for Manufacturing augment a complete technical solution for our customers.

We partner with clients to provide services in conceptual design, industrial design, detailed engineering design and documentation, engineering analysis, industrialization planning, CNC programming, and engineering process development.

Our Core Competencies include:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Product Design and Development - Aerospace, Industrial, and Commercial Products

  • Manufacturing Tool and System Design

  • Engineering Analysis (FEA, FEM, Fatigue, Vibration, etc.)

  • Industrialization (scale-up and volume manufacturing)

  • CNC Programming

  • Prototype Design and Build

  • Testing Apparatus Development

Why work with us?

  • Cost Reduction

    • Flexible Resource Allocation - pay only for what you need, when you need it.​

    • No long-term commitments

    • Reduced Overhead - no employment infrastructure costs (benefits, insurance, etc.)

  • Schedule Compression

    • We operate concurrently with your team​

    • Expedited task completion - multiple resource allocation

    • Rapid startup from our fully resourced engineering team

  • Increased Productivity and Innovation  ​​

    • Highly experienced team

    • Extensive library of completed projects provides depth and breadth of experience

    • Cross-functional team brings fresh perspective

    • Experience from multiple industries allows for "cross-pollination" of best practices

  • Our guiding principal is, "Excellence in All We Do".

    • We set clear expectations ​

    • We are fast and efficient

    • We deliver on-time, on-quality, and on-budget

    • We maintain excellent communication

    • We have the experience, expertise, and skills required

    • We are open and transparent

    • We strive for excellence!

Our Engineering Process:

  • Statement of Work

  • Requirements Definition

  • Specifications

  • Project Plan

    • Schedules

    • Milestones

    • Budgets

    • WBS

  • Design Visualization

    • Industrial Design

    • Concept Iteration

    • Renderings

    • Augmented Reality

  • Human Factors Analysis

  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

  • Detailed Engineering & Design

  • Engineering Analysis

    • Stress Analysis

    • FEM/FEA

    • CFD

  • Manufacturing Process Selection

  • Tool & System Design

  • COTS Items Selection

  • Vendor Inputs

  • Documentation

    • Technical Drawings

    • Work Instructions

    • Manufacturing Plans

  • Regulatory Compliance Review

  • Critical Design Review (CDR)

  • BOM Review/Analysis

    • Part Count Optimization

    • Long-Lead Items

    • Cost, Weight, Schedule Reduction Exercises

  • Vendor Source & Qualification

  • Procurement

  • Prototype Build

  • Verification & Testing

  • Design Iteration

  • Documentation Updates

  • Engineering Release

  • Manufacturing Plan

    • Plant/Cell Layout

    • Cycle Time Analysis

    • Machine & Equipment Selection

    • Machine Onboarding

    • Staffing Plans

    • Training Development

    • ROI Analysis

    • Tiered Scalability Plans

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Quality Assurance Plan

  • Manufacturing Documentation

  • Sustaining Engineering Support

Working with us is easy!  Just contact us via phone or email and we'll get the process started.  If necessary, we'll execute non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect your proprietary information and then quickly develop a statement of work (SOW) that gathers all relevant project requirements.  The SOW will be accompanied by a quote and project schedule.  Once the SOW and Quote are signed, we'll schedule a project kickoff meeting and begin executing project tasks per the schedule.  

Contact us today!

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