Elite Engineering Services specializes in the design and manufacture of tooling and fixturing across a wide array of industries including Aerospace, Consumer Products, and Renewable Energy.

Design and Manufacture of:

  • Holding Fixtures

  • Drill Fixtures

  • Assembly Fixtures

  • Fit-Check Tooling

  • Material Handling and Transport Apparatus

  • Inspection Fixtures/Gages

  • Composite Tooling

    • Crush-Core Mold Dies

    • Hand Layup Molds and Mandrels

    • Vacuum Fixtures

    • Hand Routing Fixtures

    • Decorative Laminate Application Tools

  • Injection Molds

  • Extrusion Dies

Elite also has the experience and skill set required to handle even the most challenging surface modeling projects.

  • Styling Surface Development

  • Complex Tool Face Sheet Design

  • Surface Modifications to account for springback and preload.​

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